Jeff Ber on How Cancer Impacts an Individual and their Family

How Cancer Impacts the Individual

When Jeff Ber first received the news that he had testicular cancer, he felt as any newly diagnosed cancer patient would: afraid, anxious and even angry. In the days and months following his diagnosis, he struggled to navigate his new reality, renegotiating his life and his worldview.

How Cancer Impacts the Spouse

Of all the family members, it is perhaps the husband, wife or significant other who is most profoundly impacted by a cancer diagnosis. While the structure and functioning of all relationships are different, it’s likely that the brunt of new responsibilities and emotional strain will fall on the partner’s shoulders, increasing their stress and challenging their mental well being.

How Cancer Impacts Children

So much of how a child responds to their parent’s cancer diagnosis will depend on age. While younger children are more likely to struggle to understand what’s happening, older children (such as teens) often act out with anger or may turn toward other impulsive behavior. Of course, each child is unique, and how they respond to their parent’s diagnosis will be equally distinct.

Regardless of the children’s ages, however, Jeff Ber highlights the importance of taking the time and initiative to educate them on the disease, taking care to address their questions and give one-on-one guidance.



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Jeff Ber

Jeff Ber


Blogging about Business Management & Entrepreneurship. VP of Operations at Oneball Charity