Jeff Ber On the Benefits of Volunteerism

Volunteering is not often on many people’s radar. With work, family commitments, and social engagements, making time to volunteer can feel impossible. But the truth is that volunteering has some proven positive effects on the lives of those who participate, even though they experience no financial gain for their efforts.

Jeff Ber is an entrepreneur and businessman with a strong belief that volunteering is as beneficial for the person volunteering as it is for the organization or charity. Ber previously served as a campaign volunteer for United Jewish Appeal, which raised funds and support for the less fortunate. Now, he is the Vice President of Operations at Oneball, a charity supporting men who have been diagnosed with testicular cancer. As a cancer survivor himself, Ber knows all too well how important these types of networks are in beating the disease.

Physical Health

Mental Health

Humans are hardwired to help or give to others. Researchers have found that those who give or help regularly experience a boost in hormones responsible for happiness, such as serotonin. In 2008, the London School of Economics found that people who volunteered were more likely to report higher overall happiness. Interestingly, those who volunteered more frequently were more likely to rate their happiness even higher.


For Jeff Ber, his professional and volunteering careers often intersect, he says. Each build on the skills needed for the other, making him more highly effective and accelerating his own personal growth

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