Jeff Ber’s Cancer Survivor’s Guide

The Benefits of Remaining Active After Surviving Cancer

Extreme dedication, the ability to self-motivate, and the will to succeed, are just some of the skills that cancer survivors possess and have utilized on the difficult journey to recovery.

Jeff Ber, a testicular cancer survivor, set realistic fitness goals for himself after being told by doctors he would never again be completely active due to the type of chemotherapy he received. According to the Cancer Society, incorporating 30 minutes of moderate physical activity into your routine can decrease the risk of cancer returning and maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the chance of developing diabetes. The benefits of incorporating physical activity into a daily routine are far-reaching, and Jeff Ber is a perfect example of what undeniable determination can accomplish. Read on to see Jeff’s suggestions for a life rich in health and well being.

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Publicly committing to goals can be an efficient way to commit to personal endeavors. Studies show that when individuals voice their achievements to others, they are more likely to follow through on their intentions. Functional activities are a great way to get started before incorporating a more intensive exercise program by activating common movements. Tasks such as taking the stairs at work or steadily increasing walking distances can all make a significant impact when it comes to enhancing athletic ability. Incorporating functional activity into your schedule can result in a comprehensive program that will focus on enhancing core stability, upper and lower body strength, and endurance, all of which are practical workouts to help regain function after treatment.

Building the Foundations for a Healthy Lifestyle

Regular exercise can reduce fatigue, improve sleep patterns, minimize pain and lower the risk of the cancer returning. However, getting back on track is no easy feat, and cancer survivors can be met with various complications. Survivors can experience what is known as “sensations,” changes in feelings in their hands and feet which can often time prevent individuals from pursuing physical activity. Jeff Ber was given Bleomycin, a drug used to treat his cancer but with damaging side effects to the lungs. Because Bleomycin is associated with interstitial pulmonary fibrosis, engaging in exercise seemed to Jeff an impossible task. However, Jeff proved the unthinkable when he completed the One-Cycle Spin Studios 40-day challenge and won. He also defied odds by finishing a 10km Race for Alzheimer’s and came 17th out of a total of 167 racers.

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Jeff Ber defied odds by finishing a 10km Race for Alzheimer’s and came 17th out of a total of 167 racers.

Mental Well Being

Not only will returning to exercise improve the body, but regular activity can also elevate mood, heighten self-esteem, and decrease the chance of suffering depression. By actively checking in with a doctor and monitoring progression, individuals can develop a program that works best for their physical recovery. Exercising with a friend is a tactic that can reinforce emotional support, and help individuals who are starting out get back into a routine as it is vital that after surviving cancer they regain both mental and physical stability.

Jeff Ber turned his life into a positive experience and now donates to cancer research and charitable causes including Dr. Einhorn’s cancer research at Indiana University and Dr. Daneshmand’s cancer research at the University of Southern California to help others who have been affected by cancer.

Returning to exercise has helped Jeff Ber move forward, and he encourages others to do the same despite impossible odds, you never know what you are capable of!

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